On December 15 and 16, 2018, Taiga took part in the "Helsinki winner" International Dog Show. Since Finland is the birthplace of the TAIGA, we had no choice: to participate in this exhibition or not. It was immediately clear to us that we wanted to take part in it, as we were very interested to see the numerous representatives of our breed in Finland. Participation in "Helsinki winner" allowed us to communicate in detail with the breeder and the head of the kennel HOFMACHER Johanna Shakkinen, to see brothers and sisters from the litter of Taiga. Significant was communication with other owners of this wonderful breed member of the Finnish club of Hovawarts. The result was a good Taiga 3 in the arrangement (CAC). It was nice to receive an invitation from the breeder and go out in the HOFMACHER team in the kennel competition. Our joy was immense - kennel HOFMACHER won this competition.

We hope that this is not our last trip home.