We have good news!

Tasha is going to be a mom soon! The father of future children is a handsome man from Slovenia ET HOVI RAJ, from the HOVI-RAJ nursery.

International Show Champion C.I.E.




Club Winner SKVPM 2013, BOB

Club Winner HwKS 2015,   BOB

Club Winner HwKS 2016,   BOB

Alpensieger               2016,  BOB

Club Winner HwKS 2017,   BOS

Volta Mantova          2017,  BOS


Club Winner HwKS, 2019,  BOS

Veteran Club Winner HwKS, 2019


Health: HD A/A, DM: N/N, Eyes: healthy,

Working exam: B-BH

D.O.B. 08.05.2010

Sire: Bolek vom Kahltal

Dam: Ajka Hovi-raj

Breeder: Suzana&Andrej Puc

Owner: Vesna Krajnc




photo courtesy of Vesna Krajnc

consent to ET - TAIGA binding.jpg

Hovawart puppies. The tag "T" - FATE HOV is 10 days old.

Date of birth 20 February 2020.

Our big Howie family has a new addition! The beautiful couple ET HOVI-RAJ and HOFMACHER TAIGA had puppies.

Papa of puppies: ET HOVI-RAJ (d. R. 08.05.2010) a fine representative of this breed and a very beautiful harmonious and large male, living in Slovenia, the son of a famous German manufacturer:
BOLEK vom KAHLTAL (d. R. 06.05.2003, champion of Germany (VDH), Champion of the rzv Union, Best Hovawart of 2008, Winner of a major monopreed exhibition held annually in Germany CLUBSIEGERSCHAU, Veteran Weltsieger 2012. All health tests are normal) and
very beautiful bitch from Slovenia AJKA HOVI-RAJ (d. R. 08.10.2003, with a very confident and friendly character. She was also known for her good looks. All health tests are normal).

ET HOVI-RAJ has titles: Interchampion (C. I. E), Slovenian champion, Croatian champion, Club Winner SKVPM 2013 BOB, Club Winner HWKS 2015 BOB, Club Winner HWKS 2016 BOB, Club Winner HWKS 2017 BOS, Club Winner HWKS 2019 BOS,
Health tests are normal-HD A/A, DM N/N, eye examination-normal, thyroid - normal. BH test In-companion dog. ET HOVI-RAJ is a very confident, open, friendly dog with a calm and balanced temperament. It has a harmonious and strong build.
ET HOVI-RAJ is very popular as a manufacturer. Many breeders in Europe dream of getting it as a groom for mating. He has repeatedly proved that he gives beautiful and, most importantly, healthy offspring with an excellent mentality. HOFMACHER TAIGA was one of his brides and received an official invitation to mating, approved by the hovavart club of Slovenia. His offspring has 52 puppies (not counting this litter, and with this litter the number of puppies is 62), many of which have become outstanding Hovawarts and producers, and have all the necessary health tests. A lot of current Champions and winners of workers ' Championships have this Hovawart in their pedigrees.


Mother of puppies: HOFMACHER TAIGA (d. R. 17.09.2016) imported from Finland in December 2016, carries Finnish blood from the mother's side. Her mother Hofmacher Paloma (d. R. 27.12.2012, pedigree FIN 13822/13) - a beautiful, feminine bitch from the famous Finnish kennel Hofmacher: http://hofmacher.fi/paloma.htm Has all the necessary health tests and has a beautiful appearance. Father: SKYWATCH " S MADE FOR ME (d. R. 18.01.2010, lineage FIN 17195/10) https://www.working-dog.com/dogs-details/5016120/Skywatchs-Made-For-Me, carries the blood of famous Czech and German manufacturers. Has all the necessary health tests in the norm. He has a strong build and is smartly dressed.

HOFMACHER TAIGA is a very beautiful and temperamental bitch, with a balanced psyche and a great character. She adores her family, is friendly, contact and open, but within her territory is attentive and vigilant. Able to assess the situation, respond to it and attract the attention of the owner.
Examined for hip and elbow dysplasia HD-A/A, ED-0/0, has an international certificate of visual inspection ECVO-healthy. Results of a genetic study for degenerative myelopathy-healthy and not a carrier of the color lightening gene. Training-OKD-3. TAIGA is an excellent representative of the breed in its exterior, has many titles and excellent descriptions of breed experts from Germany and experts from many other countries, obtained at exhibitions both in Russia and in Europe.
In her less than three years, she already had great achievements in her exhibition career. TAIGA received its first title for the first time at the Eurasia-2017 exhibition - three times the Best puppy at each exhibition day!

Has the following titles:
junior Russian champion,
champion of Russia,
Champion Of Eurasia,
champion of Poland,
champion of Lithuania,
RKF champion,
The winner of Europe 2018 (the 2018 EUROPEAN WINNER – BOS),
The winner of the 2018 Benelux (BENELUX WINNER 2018-BOB),
Winner of Eurasia 2019 (EURASIAN WINNER 2019-BOB),
The winner of the Moscow 2019 (2019 MOSKOW WINNER – BOB),
The winner of the Russia 2019 (2019 RUSSIAN WINNER – BOB),
The winner of Austria 2019, Wels (AUSTRIAN WINNER 2019),
Candidate for champion of Finland (CAC at HELSINKI WINNER 2018). HOFMACHER TAIGA fulfilled all the conditions for obtaining the title of INTERCHAMPION (C. I. E) in one year and has 12 CACIB in its piggy Bank.

This litter is her first. 10 puppies were born in the litter: 4 males (2 fawn, 2 black-and-tan) and 6 females (2 fawn, 4 black-and-tan).
Pedigree of the litter on the site
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A record is kept for puppies of future litters.


         The litter " T" is 50 days old


boy grey ribbon


boy blue ribbon


girl orange ribbon


girl yellow ribbon


girl green ribbon


boy brown ribbon


boy white ribbon


girl red ribbon


girl purple ribbon


girl pink ribbon